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So Many Deadlines, So Little Time …


… means we are a little behind on our postings. But big things are coming your way on Wednesday with a post-grand opening, we-saw-it-with-our-own-eyes report on 10 Arts, the highly anticipated Ritz-Carlton restaurant by Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert, a sure see-and-be-seen gathering. (I heard that there might be some tequila drinking post the opening. I tried to get in on it, but was told it’s a staff thing. Darn. What a great story to tell, sipping on high-end tequila with Eric Ripert—who, by the way, is a VERY nice guy. And his chef de cuisine, Jennifer Carroll, is gorgeous, amiable and, well, obviously talented. Stay tuned …

In the meantime, let it be known that Food Source has an amazing lemon meringue tart that is crazy delicious. Served one this weekend, we were gaga over the sweet, but not cloying, and wonderfully voluptuous meringue, perfectly tart lemon filling and crumbly butter tart shell. YUM-O!

Also ducked into Teresa’s Next Door for a late Sunday eve dinner and was pleasantly surprised to have a better-than-last-visit meal. (Not that last visit’s meal was sub-par, but it didn’t stand out, either.) The beefy, bacon-wrapped scallops brochette with horseradish sauce was terrific, and the very lightly cornbread coated, fried artichoke hearts were addicting, all the better with a couple squeezes of lemon.

The pomme frites, too, were better than last time, and as always, the beer and wine offerings were stellar. If you haven’t been in for a while, I recommend a visit. Still louder than Grand Central Station in there at times, but a Sunday eve meal is a sure bet for manageable decibel levels.

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