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Taste It and Weep: Stephen Starr goes Hollywood as a guest judge on Wednesday’s episode of Top Chef: Restaurant Wars. The premise is hardly a shocker: a tasting for an investor looking to open a new restaurant. Check out the preview on video.bravotv.com. It has sound bites of Starr reminding the contestants that it’s not just about the food, but the “design, ambiance, service and the concept”; plus another clip showing The Great One choking on a forkful of one of the contestant’s dishes. The buzz also hints at a little romance between two of the chefs, so be prepared for a saucy and entertaining hour Jan. 21 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

Philly Restaurant Week: Three-course prix-fixe dinners ($35; tax, booze and tip not included) at an impressive number of Center City hotspots, including Amada, Tinto, 10 Arts, Bistro 7, Fork, Lacroix (great view of Rittenhouse Park), new steakhouse Del Frisco’s Double Eagle, Zahav, Palace at the Ben (I have not yet been, but friends swear this place is fantabulous), and about 60 other restaurants. Runs Jan. 25-30. And, there are plenty of parking facilities that are offering cut rates (otherwise, you might spend your meal in parking), making this a good week to hit that restaurant you’ve been dying to try. For more scoop, go to centercityphila.org or opentable.com.

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