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Stacia Friedman

  • Fond Farewell

    Sparing your family the grief of funeral arrangements.
  • Belly Up to the Truth

    The link between stroke risk and your expanding waistline.
  • Home, Sweet Home

    More and more older Main Liners are choosing to age in place.
  • Hands of Time

    Skin treatments that turn back the clock.
  • Major Headache

    To prevent migraines, first you have to break the cycle of pain.
  • Body Building

    Hi-tech prosthetics transform the lives of young and old.
  • Art to Go

    A local painter brings students to the very source of inspiration.
  • A Lot to Learn

    More and more Main Line seniors are going back to school.
  • Baring All for Summer

    Perfect feet are a must for many—but beware the knife.
  • Special Delivery

    A way to reduce risks from repeat C-sections.