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Sarah Schmalbach

  • EPICURE: Off the Line at Water Works in Philadelphia

    In the Flow At Water Works, the understated mahogany appointments, floor-level ivory candles and soaring Greco-Roman arches combine with a reasonably priced menu and completely casual attitude for an astonishingly giddy mix. Despite the Smithsonian-esque stature of the facility and the multimillion-dollar buzz surrounding the Water Works project, the wait staff was unassuming in well-fitting […]
  • The Rise of the Female Financial Planner in the Main Line (and Beyond)

    Purse-string Pull The rise of the female financial planner. “A man is not a financial plan,” Bala Cynwyd financial planner Bonnie Ryan has been known to tell her two girls around the dinner table. And she’s got the facts to back it up: According to the Journal of Financial Planning, men may still be the […]
  • Meet Derek Gillman, the Executive Director of the Barnes Foundation

    Derek Gillman, 53, Merion Station New Executive Director/President of the Barnes Foundation Book on his nightstand: I just finished Phillip Roth’s Everyman, and have just started Peter Carey’s Theft—he is a great, great, Australian writer and a Booker Prize winner. iPod tunes on repeat: There is one that is entertaining me and my 14-year-old daughter at […]
  • Top Salons and Spas

    Ever wonder how they do it? The ones who, no matter where they are or what they’re doing, always look great. We asked four prominent area women to go against their better judgment and name names. Their answers may surprise you. Michele Malin Seidman, Penn Valley Host of CN8’s The Fretz Kitchen Hair: Studio CL, […]
  • FRONTLINE: Profile 2

    Tiny Dancer Bala Cynwyd ballerina Molly Smolen shines in San Francisco. So many little girls have sweet dreams of becoming a ballerina—dreams that usually end up being all sugar. Bala Cynwyd native Molly Smolen is an exception. She has followed her dreams all over the world, recently landing in California, where she is now a […]

    Waking Nightmare For many kids, night terrors are a frightening reality. For Sawyer, the episodes are hard to forget. “Usually it happens when I’ve stayed up late and watched a movie,” says the Bryn Mawr 10-year-old. “But last night I walked into my dad’s room to say goodnight. When he wouldn’t wake up, I walked […]

    Travel for the Ages Intergenerational trips are taking off on the Main Line. “When are we going on the boat?” Peggy Beston’s grandchildren asked her every time they saw her. The boat they were referring to was Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas, which sailed out of Philadelphia in August and took the whole family […]