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Marisa LaScala

  • Terror Twilight

    As pop-culture editor, I feel like I should keep tabs on all of the rabid fan groups out there. You have your Trekkies, your comics addicts, wizard rock bands, and so on. Not that I belong to all of these groups. I just try to be aware of them the way ecologists might tag flocks […]
  • American Teen EP Gives His Secrets to Producing

    Are you sick of big-budget mega-blockbusters yet? (Not counting The Dark Knight, of course, because who could get sick of that?) Dial it down this weekend by heading out to see American Teen, Nanette Burstein ‘s documentary about five high-school seniors out in Indiana. When the film screened at Sundance earlier this year, Entertainment Weekly‘s […]
  • At the Drive-In

    Whenever we go on vacation, my significant other looks to see if there are any drive-ins near our destination. We’ve gone once or twice, and it makes me nostalgic for something I didn’t really experience the first time around. In many ways, having drive-in theaters makes sense in our area. Families here drive cars the […]
  • Using the Powers of the Jonas Brothers for Good

    I fully admit that, when I was of a certain age, I had it bad for the New Kids on the Block. I had a room plastered in NKOTB trading cards, and, though I never had a Ken doll to go with my Barbie, I had a little plastic Joey McIntyre (complete with hat). While […]
  • Tony Wrap-up

    A few weeks ago, I promised to try and muster up enough energy to get through the Tony Awards. After Sunday night, I can say I mostly delivered on my promise, in that I DVRed the awards and fast-forwarded through everything except the performances and certain key acceptance speeches. (I kinda want to see Cry […]
  • What’s on TV This Summer

    Soon, networks will make good on their promise for a 52-week programming cycle, and those of us who dread the outdoors (which are pretty, but don’t come in HD) will finally have reason to stay in the air-conditioning without guilt. Until then, there’s…this summer season. Like summers past, that means reality shows. Here’s what’s clogging […]
  • Is It Sexist If You Don’t Like Sex and the City?

    It’s no surprise that the big screen Sex and the City movie captured the top spot at the box office this weekend—and, clocking in at almost two and a half hours (around the time it takes to watch half a season on DVD), those ticket-buyers certainly got their money’s worth, at least in terms of […]
  • Indiana Jones and the Mistake of Making Part-fours

    Memorial Day Weekend is always a big deal, pop-culture-wise. And this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, there’s only one game in town: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This movie makes me nervous. Don’t get me wrong: I already have a ticket. I re-watched the previous three films to prepare (in chronological order, […]
  • The Emmys

    Emmy nominees won’t be officially announced until July 17, but the “short lists” of finalists have already leaked and circulated on the blogosphere. What would we do without the Internet? Here’s my 2 cents about the way these short lists shook out: » I love how 30 Rock turns up a million times, even though […]
  • The Tony Awards

    The Tonys often feel like the forgotten stepchildren of awards. All the razzle-dazzle of Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys are over by March, but the Tonys take place in June—so far outside of awards season, yet so close to the MTV Movie Awards. And, if I’m being honest, given the choice between the two, I usually […]