Katie Bambi-Kohler

Articles by This Author

Today’s Dating Scene: Up Close and (A Little Too) Personal

Twerking, dating apps and outright adultery demystify the chase.

Why I Love (Hate) the Jersey Shore

It’s not Key West, but it will do.t

Dating Advice You’ve Heard, but is Useless

Truth: Nerds rule, opposites do attract, and no, he’s not going to text you.

Finding the Perfect Contractor can be as Serious as Marriage

Research on the stranger renovating your bathroom is vital.

Are Dogs Better Companions than Humans?

One local writer seems to think so. At least, when it comes to Thanksgiving, True Blood viewing parties and other social interactions.

Four Types of King of Prussia Mall Shoppers

Some shoppers reign supreme, while other fall somewhat to the retail wayside. Which one are you?

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