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Towns on the Brink: Norristown and Bridgeport

Once tethered to the Schuylkill River by industry, Norristown, and neighboring Bridgeport, are seeking to reclaim that bond--in modern fashion. In the Final installment of our “Towns on the Brink” series, we offer a fresh look at two very different communities with a common heritage.

The Fight to Bring Chester Back From the Brink

Can this former industrial hub ever restore luster to its long-sullied image and prosperity to its people?

Bryn Mawr Trust Company Leads the Way With Local Baking

Inside the latest leadership shift at Bryn Mawr Trust Company.

MMA Promoter Brings Big Fights to a Small Cage

Family fight business is finally making some noise.

Prescription Painkiller Addiction on the Main Line

The dissemination of prescription painkillers has spawned a new wave of addiction. As doctors and other healthcare professionals scramble to mitigate the damage in our region, many are succeeding in unexpected ways.

Tim Whitaker’s Mighty Writers Program Empowers Philly Kids

The Wynnewood resident and former editor of Philadelphia Weekly puts his writing experience to good use through a three-year old initiative that’s taking the city by storm.

How to Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins and Other Crimes on the Main Line

Protect yourself from theft and being stalked on the Internet with these helpful tips from police departments.

Crime on the Main Line: Local Police Reveal the Level of Danger

In this expanded online story, we learn that the Main Line isn’t immune to serious crime. PLUS: Safety tips for preventing vehicle break-ins and more.

Residents Fight Billboards in Springfield, Haverford, Marple and More

Main Line residents are fighting to keep billboards out of their townships. But is it a losing battle?

Is the Recession Receding?

The pros say, “Yes.” But local business owners aren’t so sure. And, brother, can you spare a loan?

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