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Aspirin Can Make Your Asthma Worse

A surprising number of people with asthma are additionally burdened by sensitivity to aspirin. In fact, any NSAID (aspirin, Advil, ibuprofen, Aleve) can actually worsen the condition for the 40% of asthma sufferers who have nasal/sinus polyps and are sensitive or allergic to the medication.

This classic triad of symptoms – asthma, nasal/sinus polyps, and aspirin sensitivity – is known as Samter’s Syndrome. If aspirin is taken, it can trigger wheezing, shortness of breath, and cough.

The Aspirin Allergy Treatment Center of Allergy & Asthma SpecialistsSM, whose main office is in Blue Bell, Pa., has had success overcoming aspirin sensitivity with a procedure called Aspirin Desensitization… Read More »

Dedicated to Assisting People With Asthma 

William Spiegel, MD, is committed to helping patients of all ages control their asthma symptoms..Read more »

Atopic Dermatitis Is Often the First Step in the ‘Allergic March’ 

The “Allergic March” is a term that describes how allergic diseases progress throughout one’s life. Identifying the allergic triggers for the atopic dermatitis and treating those allergies may help prevent progression to other allergic diseases ... Read more »

Do You Have a Cough That Just Won’t Go Away?

An allergist/immunologist (commonly referred to as an allergist) is a physician specially trained to diagnose, treat, and manage allergies, asthma and immunologic disorders.  ... Read more »

14 Reasons to Start With and Stay With A & A Specialists

A team of 12 distinguished board-certified allergist/immunologists educated at the world’s top-ranked institutions for allergy and immunology training. All are published authors in… Read More »

Mark Posner, M.D. Cares for his Patients As If They Are Family

Mark Posner, MD is a Senior Physician and Director with Allergy & Asthma Specialists, P.C. He has practiced as a Board Certified Allergist since… Read More »

What to Expect at Your Visit with the Allergist

If you suffer from allergies and/or asthma and have decided to see an allergist, you should expect the following to happen at a comprehensive, state of the art allergy consultation… Read more »

Selecting an Allergy-Free Hotel Room

Hotel rooms are full of allergens, such as mold, dust mites, and animal dander that can cause allergic rhinitis and trigger asthma. Hotel rooms can also contain irritants such as cigarette smoke or chemical fumes from cleaners or carpeting that can make allergy symptoms worse… Read more »

Trust What’s In Your Allergy Extract

Immunotherapy with allergy extract is the most effective treatment for allergic diseases, asthma and symptoms… Read more »

Gardening Tips for Allergy Sufferers

While a garden can be a source of beauty, it also may contain plant pollens that can trigger both allergic rhinitis and asthma symptoms… Read more »

Specialist Profile: Dr. Nora Lin

Nora Lin, MD is a Physician and Director with Allergy & Asthma Specialists, PC. She has practiced as a Board Certified Allergist/Immunologist… Read more »

Think You Might Be Allergic to the Flu Vaccine?

The flu (influenza) is a contagious disease that spreads throughout the United States every October through May. Each year thousands of people in the United States die from the flu Read more »

Dr. Matthew Fogg Makes Availability a Priority

Matthew Fogg, MD, MA is a Physician and Director with Allergy & Asthma Specialists, PC a group practice with eight locations in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs Read more »

Allergists Can Take the Worry Out of Peanut Allergies with Food Sublingual Immunotherapy

Peanut extract drops are placed under the tongue to decrease the risk of serious reactions with accidental exposure to peanuts... Read more »

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