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Remember the fur coat your mother bought 20 years ago? She gave it to you and now it is just hangs unworn in your closet. It is elegant and cherished, but is too bulky and does not suit our lifestyles. Luckily, the experts at Jacques Ferber can help you fall in love with your fur again. From a small alteration to a total restyle, they can help find a solution that works for you.

1. What is your inspiration?

Whether your fur is vintage or has sentimental value, Jacques Ferber can help you craft a high-fashion show piece—something you will be proud to wear and will cherish. Jacques Ferber’s experienced restyle consultants will help educate you about furs and guide you through the process. During a consultation, you can see how fur looks once it has been sheared, dyed or remade. See actual restyled garments that have been recreated from older garments into reversible sheared lifestyle pieces, vests and even home furnishings.

2. Not all furriers are experienced craftsmen.

There is a big difference between selling furs and being fur craftsmen. A retailer can certainly sell you a fur, but can they restyle or repair it? In 1879, Jacques Ferber established the family fur business in Paris, France. By the time his son, Bernard Ferber, headed the business, their skill was such that they were selected to supply the renowned Parisian designer houses of Chanel, Lanvin and Worth with their luxurious furs. From 1912 to 1939, patterns were exchanged from couture houses to the Ferber workrooms. Business was lucrative and Bernard’s younger brother Jacques was sent to the United States to open a salon while Bernard’s son Andre couriered patterns and fitting changes through Paris. Today, Jacques Ferber has three locations—Greenville, Del., Philadelphia and Wayne, Pa.

3. Schedule a fitting and discuss your restyling ideas.

The average restyle takes four to eight weeks to complete. The experienced restyle consultants can sketch options for you, such as an elegant mink coat with texture and interest. For something more tailored and modern, how about a sheared fur-lined fitted car coat? Update it with an enveloping collar and a flattering semi-fitted bodyline. Keep an open mind and try on sample styles. 

4. Don’t forget the leftovers.

The experts at Jacques Ferber can turn your coat into beautiful accessories like scarves, collars, cuffs, head wraps and even handbags. They can also take any leftover fur from a restyle and use it to make your accessories, including a memory teddy bear and/or pillows.

5. Enjoy your fabulous new coat.

Now that you have taken the time for fittings and restyling, you have the final product, so wear it! Enjoy it! And remember to take good care of it—store your fur garments in cold storage when you are finished wearing them for the season. Jacques Ferber prides itself on its total fur care. Storage, fur cleaning and keeping up with minor repairs is important to them and to you.

In 1879, the Ferber family established their fur business in Paris. Their skill was such that they supplied the renowned Parisian design houses of Chanel, Lanvin and Worth with luxurious furs.

Since that time, the Ferber name has become synonymous with style, quality and enduring value. The tradition continues today; Jacques Ferber offers a complete collection of luxury and specialty outerwear of many fabrications such as fur, shearling, precious fiber and down, as well as everything you need to accessorize your now-new or new-again coat—such as hats, gloves, scarves, handbags, boots and more. 

Jacques Ferber invites you to acquaint yourself with their impeccable styling and craftsmanship. After your purchase, Jacques Ferber can assist you with a wide array of services, including storage, cleaning, restyling and repairs.

Jacques Ferber is a member of the Fur Information Council of America.

For more information, visit www.jacquesferber.com.


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